Shipping Your Pet – What Happens?


    Most people are unfamiliar with relocating their pet because it’s not something they have to worry about. The thought of putting your pet on a plane can be scary because you aren’t familiar with what actually happens. Here’s what happens from A to Z when you ship with Airpets International:   Review Service Packages: […]

Pre-Flight Checklist For Your Pet

pre-flight checklist dog airpets america

Flying your pet in the cargo is a breeze when you’re well-prepared and informed! Use the checklist below to ensure you have everything you need for the purr-fect trip: Checklist and Reminders for your Pet’s Flight in the Cargo: –All necessary vaccinations and documentation –ID tags –Pet license –Ensure your pet is microchipped – IATA […]

How To Choose A Pet-Friendly Airline To Ship Your Pet.

airline options

There are many airlines around the world and sometimes the sheer number can be intimidating when trying to choose a pet friendly airline to ship your pet. Just like with humans, choosing an airline to ship you pet with, will depend on many factors, from availability to budget, from scheduling to perks. The following are […]

Flying A Pug

flying a pug

Before you plan your pug’s flight, it’s important to know that flying a pug comes with some considerations. Pugs belong to the category of snub-nosed breeds, commonly known as brachycephalic breeds due to their scrunched-up faces. While these facial features make pugs adorable and distinctive, they also pose challenges to their breathing efficiency. Their compressed […]

Moving A Restricted Breed To Japan

Japan Travel for Your pet

Aldo is a Cane Corso puppy. Cane Corso’s are considered a restricted or dangerous breed in many parts of the world, including Japan. This Cane Corso needed to move from DFW to Japan. To do so, Aldo needed a CR-82 crate. We customize these crates for each dog who needs one. They take about two […]

Cat Boarding Prep

cat coming out of carrier

Cats, especially indoor ones, can find the transition to different environments stressful during their initial boarding experiences. However, cat boarding doesn’t have to be a source of anxiety for your feline friend. That’s why we’ve crafted this comprehensive cat boarding preparation guide. Adjusting your cat to a new environment can be a gradual process. While […]

Tips For Big Dogs Traveling


Embarking on a journey with your big dog requires careful planning and consideration to ensure a safe and comfortable experience for your furry friend. One of the key elements in this preparation is selecting the right crate, tailored to meet your big dog’s specific needs. In the following guide, we’ll delve into essential tips and […]

Travelling With Multiple Pets

two dogs cuddling under blanket

We talk a lot about the importance of hiring a professional pet shipper when you are moving with one pet, and this is even more so when you are travelling with multiple pets. One reason for this is that airlines don’t allow more than one pet (in cabin) per passenger. And even if you can […]

Choosing A Pet Relocation Company

Shipping a dog can be quite complicated to do on your own so hiring a pet relocation expert is a great idea. But how do you choose a dog relocation service? Are they really dog shipping experts? Are they all the same? Well, No! They are not all pet shipping experts and they are not […]

Custom Crates For Dog Relocation

custom crate for aggressive dog breeds

Ensuring the well-being and comfort of your furry companion during travel necessitates careful consideration of their specific needs, particularly when it comes to selecting an appropriate crate – or even custom crates. To embark on this journey of finding the perfect crate for your dog, the initial step involves precise measurements—length, height, width, and weight […]