Travelling with multiple pets

We talk a lot about the importance of hiring a professional pet shipper when you are moving with one pet, and this is even more so when you are travelling with multiple pets. One reason for this is that airlines don’t allow more than one pet (in cabin) per passenger. And even if you can […]

How to choose a pet shipping expert

Shipping a dog can be quite complicated to do on your own so hiring a pet shipping expert is a great idea. But how do you choose a dog relocation service? Are they really dog shipping experts? Are they all the same? Well, No! They are not all pet shipping experts and they are not […]

Do I need a custom crate for my dog’s move?

The first thing you will need to do to find out if you need a custom crate for your dog is to measure your dog. The measurements you will need are length, height and width, as well as the weight. Follow this link for accurate details about measuring your dog. Your dog needs to be […]

Flying a dog: requirements

Requirements to fly a dog can sometimes be daunting, but getting the right and up to date information can help you through the process. First and foremost, no matter where you are shipping a dog, you will need vaccination records, a health certificate from your veterinarian, an airline approved crate and a reservation on a […]

Moving a Great Dane: Dane’s Relocation

“Dane”, the Great Dane moved from DFW to Frankfurt. Since Great Danes are very large dogs it is usually necessary to build a custom crate so they can travel comfortably. Dane’s custom crate took two weeks being completed for his journey. Measurements of a dog are very important when it comes to picking the proper travel […]

Flying a snub nosed dog breed

A snub nosed dog breed is a term used to describe dogs that have a shorter than normal snout, also called brachycephalic. Some examples of short nosed breeds are Bulldogs, Pugs, Boston terriers, Shih tzus, lhasa Apsos, Pit Bull Terriers, Chow Chow, Mastiffs, Boxers, Pekingese, etc. Short snout dog’s noses and sinuses are compressed, causing […]

Top tips for military moves with pets.

1. Find out the pet shipping requirements for the country you are moving to. Many countries have rules and regulations that are specific to that place, including pet quarantines and titer testing. A pet shipping expert will be able to provide all the necessary information to move your pets. 2. Microchip your pets first, then […]

Traveling with a cat

We often talk about traveling with a dog, but some cats love to travel too! There are several, cats who have become quite famous due to their affinity for travel. There is Amelia aka “Tropicat” who sails around the world on the Swell, Jesper the Norwegian cross country hiking and skiing cat and a pair of buddies […]

Crate training your cat

Carrier training your cat… Many cat owners express concerns about traveling with their cats, they are worried that it will be stressful for their kitty. However, cats are smart creatures that can be trained to go in a carrier. After all, don’t we find them climbing into any box or container available? Begin by purchasing […]

Dog shipping to Japan

Are you and your dog relocating to Japan? Moving to Japan with pets can be quite complicated, there are many rules and regulations that are very specific. Timing is crucial and it can be hard trying to move your household at the same time as your pets. This is why we suggest you use a […]