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How To Choose A Pet-Friendly Airline To Ship Your Pet.

There are many airlines around the world and sometimes the sheer number can be intimidating when trying to choose a pet friendly airline to ship your pet. Just like with humans, choosing an airline to ship you pet with, will depend on many factors, from availability to budget, from scheduling to perks. The following are a couple of the guidelines that we as professional pet shippers follow to make sure your pet travels safely and swiftly with us.

The airline should have a pet safe program in place, this means there is a special crew that takes care of your pet throughout their voyage. Dedicated professionals that will ensure your pet is safe and comfortable.

Make sure they have rules and regulations, specific processes for pet travel. These rules were made to protect our pets when they are travelling, not just to be difficult, like many people think. More regulations mean they actually care about the wellbeing of your pet. This is why many airlines won’t let specific dogs fly at all, or will not allow any pets to fly when temperatures are above 84˚F or below 45˚F. You will find that many airlines also have very specific regulations regarding the exact fit of a crate for your pet. This means in many cases we need to custom build a crate to fit those specific needs. Overall, if you find that an airline doesn’t really care when or how your pet flies, it means they are not pet friendly after all and are not a trustworthy choice for your pet.

Some airlines you can tell straight away that they really understand that pets are not just pets in our lives anymore, they are a part of the family and need to be treated as such. These airlines will go the extra mile for your pet, in many cases providing a pet lounge or dedicated animal reception center. They want your pet to travel like the jetsetters they are, in comfort and style.

The real pet friendly airlines will ensure that your pet is in climate controlled pet lounges, are then transported in climate controlled vehicles to a section of the plane that has a pressurized cabin and is also climate controlled. These airlines will never leave your pet waiting on the tarmac while they load luggage. Your pet is the pet safe’s program’s primary concern, not the luggage.

Many of these pet friendly airlines are not only experts in dog and cat travel but have made a name for themselves by providing exemplary service when transporting sporting horses, exotic fish, birds and even zoo animals. Their team of professionals is trained to provide care for animals, not just customer care representatives.

All airlines that are pet safe have limited availability for pets so make sure they will take a reservation for your pet ahead of time, especially if you will be traveling as well. You don’t want any surprises last minute.

Pricing also varies, some airlines might have a better rate for your flight and higher pet fees, while others have lower pet fees and higher rates for you. It is important to take all of that into account when you are looking at different flights.

One of the most important factors after finding pet friendly airlines is to find direct flights. Even though the pet safe airlines will do everything possible to keep your pet comfortable, the quicker flights are best. You don’t want to extend your pet’s time in a crate due to multiple stops just to save a few bucks. Your pet’s safety and comfort is always on the top of our mind and we can help you choose and schedule the right flight for your pet.

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