Flying a pug

Flying a pug is possible but there are a few things to consider before you book your pug’s flight.

Pugs are considered a snub nosed breed, this is a common term used for brachycephalic breeds. This term refers to their scrunched up faces. Pug’s noses and sinuses are compressed, causing smaller nostrils and a narrowed windpipe. The very characteristics that make pugs so cute and distinctive, also make them not as efficient breathers as other breeds. Not only is it harder for them to breathe, it is also harder for a pug to cool down. This makes pugs even more susceptible to air quality and temperature changes that may be encountered during air travel.

That being said, the first matter to address when flying a pug is the timing of the flight. Pugs should only be transported in spring and fall, when the weather is mild, not too hot or too cold. The flights when flying a pug should be scheduled when the temperatures at all airports along the journey are forecasted to be between 45˚F and 85˚F.

It is also important to talk honestly with your veterinarian before you plan to fly your pug. Pugs are a breed of dog with a propensity for many health issues, so making sure your pug is healthy enough to fly is a must. This could mean putting your pup on a diet for several months before you plan to travel. Pugs that are overweight are at a higher risk for illness and we want your pug to be safe.

When you do decide to fly with your pug make sure the traveling crate is at least one size larger than the standard for your pug’s weight and size. If the measurements suggest you buy a #200 crate then you should buy a #300 crate to allow for the extra airflow necessary for a pug to be comfortable during flight.

To minimize the risk of your pug overheating, we suggest a very thin blanket or paper to line the travel crate instead of a thick blanket or towel. Frozen water bottles with little holes in them can provide cool water throughout your pug’s flight while avoiding a bowl being overturned. Also provide an empty bowl so the pet care crew can water and feed your pug in case of delays.

There are many airlines that restrict when and where a pug can fly so it is best to hire a pug shipping expert. Our pug shipping experts can help with booking the right flights on the right airlines, provide a crate and customize it if necessary, and help with documentation for your pug’s safe and comfortable flight.

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