Flying with a service animal

Flying with a service animal is quite different than flying with a pet, though many rules and regulations  are the same, the process for service animals is a bit different.. So what is a service animal exactly? Service pets are usually dogs or in some cases miniature horses who provide a service to a handler. […]

Employee Profile: Brent

What king of pets do you have? (name, breed): Lebowski is a Golden Retriever / Cream Chow mix List 5 interests:  Live music, working out, fine dining “going out”, watching movies with my wife and sports in general. What is your favorite part about working at Airpets International: Growing the business What’s the most fun move […]

Disaster prep for pets.

The recent natural disasters in the news always serve as a reminder to all of us pet lovers and owners that when disaster hits there isn’t much time to act. Preparing ahead of time for these events can be a life saver for our pets. Basic pet disaster kit: should include pet’s food and water […]

Having your puppy shipped?

So you went out and did all your homework and found the perfect puppy either from a breeder or a rescue group but they are out of town. You need to make sure that your puppy is handled with care. Shipping your puppy to you can be an ordeal, but with the help of a […]

Pet passport

Does your pet need a pet passport to travel? Pet passports are needed for travel within the European Union, though some other countries can issue a passport or require one for travel to their country. Most countries around the world will require some of the information included in the pet passport to allow a pet […]

Pet Chiropractor

We’ve all heard about chiropractors helping out humans, but did you know there are chiropractors for pets? They are becoming a go to option for many pet parents who are looking for alternatives to medication and surgery, as well as part of a holistic approach to care for their pets. Together with your veterinarian, a […]

Crate training your cat

Carrier training your cat… Many cat owners express concerns about traveling with their cats, they are worried that it will be stressful for their kitty. However, cats are smart creatures that can be trained to go in a carrier. After all, don’t we find them climbing into any box or container available? Begin by purchasing […]

Why Should I Hire a Pet Shipper For International Pet Travel?

Why Should I Hire a Pet Shipper For International Pet Travel?   When travelling overseas, it is vital to hire a professional pet shipper to avoid things like quarantine and excess expenses. All international destinations have strict guidelines surrounding the entry of pets.  In most cases, travel preparations including veterinary treatments or obtaining permits may […]

Pet Shipping – Edie & The Fairmont in Pittsburgh

The Fairmont in Pittsburgh   Are you and your pet relocating to Pittsburgh? The Fairmont Hotel is pet friendly and home to Edie. Edie is a 5-year old Boxer/Labrador Retriever. In her position as Canine Ambassador, Edie accompanies guests on walks throughout the city, greets guests, visits meeting breaks upon request and attends community events. She […]