Flying With A Service Animal

Traveling with a service animal differs significantly from traveling with a pet, although there are shared rules and regulations. Let’s delve into the specifics of flying with a service animal. Service animals, typically dogs or occasionally miniature horses, play a vital role in assisting their handlers. These animals undergo extensive training to perform a range […]

Disaster Prep For Pets.

dog tag with pet information

The recent natural disasters in the news always serve as a reminder to all of us pet lovers and owners that when disaster hits there isn’t much time to act. Preparing ahead of time for these events can be a life saver for our pets.   Basic pet disaster kit: should include pet’s food and […]

Puppy Shipping


Embarking on the journey of puppy shipping is a significant step towards welcoming your new furry friend into your life. To ensure a seamless process, attention to various details is key, especially if your chosen pup is coming from a breeder or rescue group located out of town. Puppy shipping has become a widely embraced […]

Pet Passport

pet passport

Ensure smooth pet travel with a Pet Passport! Do you wonder if your furry friend needs a pet passport to travel? Pet passports are a must for journeys within the European Union, and some non-EU countries may also mandate or issue one. While many nations prefer a health certificate over a pet passport, having this […]