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Disaster Prep For Pets.

The recent natural disasters in the news always serve as a reminder to all of us pet lovers and owners that when disaster hits there isn’t much time to act. Preparing ahead of time for these events can be a life saver for our pets.


Basic pet disaster kit: should include pet’s food and water for a week. Medications, leashes, carrier, favorite toy and blanket, litter and litter box, a current picture of you and your pet and written instructions for feeding and medication schedule.

Microchip, collar and tags should have your cell phone number, address and phone number of a friend or family member outside your immediate area who will be your emergency contact.

Ask if the human shelter in your area can take you and your pets in case of disaster.

Also, make arrangements with friends and family outside your area who can take all of you in, humans and pets included.

Plan for your pets in case you are not home: Having a neighbor who lives close is a great asset. Give them information about your emergency contact so they can contact them directly.


  1. If it’s not safe for you then your pets are not safe either. Always take your pets with you even if you think you’ll only be gone a few hours. You never know if you’ll be able, or allowed, to get back home.
  2. Evacuate early: Once there are storm sounds or the smell of fire, it will be much harder to load your pets into carriers and your vehicle. and are good websites to find hotels and motels that are pet friendly.

Staying home: If you have decided to stay home, choose a safe spot in your home. Bring disaster kit with you. Block off any spots where your pet might hide, which would make it hard for you to load them if you suddenly have to leave.

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