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Pet Passport

Ensure smooth pet travel with a Pet Passport!

Do you wonder if your furry friend needs a pet passport to travel? Pet passports are a must for journeys within the European Union, and some non-EU countries may also mandate or issue one. While many nations prefer a health certificate over a pet passport, having this official document becomes crucial for seamless cross-border travel within Europe.

The European Union comprises countries such as Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, and more, all sharing similar pet travel requirements. A pet passport serves as an official document, stamped at borders like human passports, streamlining the process.

If you’re bringing your pet from a non-EU country, our pet travel experts can assist in obtaining the necessary documentation. A pet passport lists your pet’s treatments, requiring original documents for identity verification, vaccinations, and any necessary blood test results.

Key components of a pet passport:

  1. Personal information and ownership details
  2. Pet description and markings
  3. Microchip identification
  4. Rabies vaccination certificate
  5. Rabies blood test (if required)
  6. Veterinarian contact details

For dog owners traveling to specific EU countries like Finland, Ireland, Malta, or the UK, proof of tapeworm treatment is essential. Keep in mind that the passport is valid based on meeting other entry requirements, subject to regional health concerns or epidemics.

If opting for an official veterinary certificate instead of a pet passport, ensure your pet arrives in an EU country within 10 days of issuance. Once in the EU, the certificate is valid for an additional 4 months of travel. Exchange it for an EU pet passport if your pet needs a rabies booster vaccination or if you plan to continue traveling within the EU after the certificate expires.

For comprehensive information on pet travel within the European Union, acquiring a pet passport, or meeting relocation requirements, reach out to our dedicated pet relocation specialists. Ensure a hassle-free journey for your beloved companion!

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