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Travelling With Multiple Pets

We talk a lot about the importance of hiring a professional pet shipper when you are moving with one pet, and this is even more so when you are travelling with multiple pets. One reason for this is that airlines don’t allow more than one pet (in cabin) per passenger. And even if you can find someone to travel with you airlines only allow one pet in first class and one in the main cabin.

So what happens if you don’t have someone who can travel with you, if you have more than 2 pets, or if your pets are large? Well, you enlist the aid of a professional pet shipper who can coordinate to move all your pets, big and small.

Moving with one pet can be a bit stressful and travelling with multiple pets can be quite overwhelming. Between vaccinations, travel documents, health certificates, carrier crates, etc. you can find yourself in over your head, but there is no need as a whole team of pet relocation experts can help.


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Follow These Steps

  1. Coordinating vaccinations so that all your pets are ready to move at the same time.
  2. Scheduling flights that can accommodate more than one pet.
  3. Scheduling door to door pet moving services. This includes pick up at your current location, flights and delivery at your new location. Ground transportation can get tricky in new cities so it’s always safest to have everything planned.
  4. Providing all documents necessary to import and export your pets to almost anywhere on the globe.
  5. Providing up to date information about the place you are moving to. Many countries have a limit of how many pets can enter the country per passenger, and they also have restrictions on which types of pets are allowed in, our pet shipping experts will gladly help you with necessary documents to get your whole pet family there.
  6. Unless you are traveling with young puppies or kittens from the same litter, each pet will need his or her own pet carrier. Each carrier needs to be the appropriate size for that pet. Moving more than one crate at a time can get quite cumbersome to carry for one human so having a whole team of people working for you at this time is very helpful. We can also help you purchase or customize a crate for each pet.
  7. During your pets’ relocation, our team of experts will ensure all your pets are taken care of along the way, with potty and feeding breaks, as well as updating you throughout the process.

So if you are travelling with multiple pets of the same species, or multiple species, save yourself some stress and move with the ease only a pet shipping expert can provide.

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