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Preparing Your Dog For Travel: Using A Pet Resort

Preparing your dog for travel can be straightforward and easy when you have the right tools. At Airpets International, we rely on our pet resort to provide many necessary services for traveling dogs. From customizing a crate and getting your dog used to it with help from our dog trainer, to allowing strangers to handle them, and even providing access to a USDA accredited veterinarian for microchipping, health certificates and vaccinations. Our pet resort can be the answer to many of the intricacies of dog relocations.

Getting your dog used to being handled by lots of different people is a must. Dogs can sometimes be a bit nervous when they are not used to being around strangers. The staff at our pet resort is comprised of many pet care professionals and by the end of your dog’s stay he or she will be used to being walked, examined and groomed by many different people. This starts allowing your dog to relax around strangers since everyone handling them at the resort is experienced, kind and professional. By the time your dog needs to travel he’ll be used to people approaching him and will be able to stay relaxed.

Our resort has a positive dog trainer on staff that will teach your dog to love their travel crate. By using games and other rewards, not only will your dog go in their crate on cue, they will consider it a safe haven, their comfortable spot. The runs where your dog would stay at our resort are large enough to fit their travel crate in so your dog will become accustomed to relaxing in their crate at the end of a busy day.

Having your dog stay at our pet resort is a great option since a pet resort is designed to make your dog’s stay active, fun and safe. Our experienced pet care staff will provide many levels of exercise for your boarding dog. Does your dog love other dogs? Then joining our daycamp sessions would be the answer for him. Is your dog more people oriented? Then a session of Frisbee catching or fetch might be more their speed. Maybe your dog is a bit older and doesn’t really need a lot of exercise, then some quality cuddle time with one of our pet care specialists is the perfect choice for him. Your dog is our number one priority and we’ll do everything to keep them happy and healthy.

Our pet resort is connected to a USDA accredited Veterinarian who can provide microchipping, vaccinations, health certificates and titer testing before travel, all without having to leave the safety of the resort. Think of us as a one stop shop.

Many countries ask for a wait period after vaccinations, to make sure the dog is fully immunized before they enter a foreign country. Our resort can provide a safe place for your dog to fulfill necessary time after microchipping and vaccinations. In fact we have been personally contacted by custom officers in several instances when an animal needed to be quarantined before their release. Because of our highly organized set up, we can provide different levels of contact with other dogs and humans while your dog awaits for clearance to travel.

These are just some of the benefits of hiring a pet travel company like Airpets International that doesn’t just have the experience and knowledge to make sure your dog’s relocation is successful, but also a state of the art boarding facility to allow for a happy and healthy stay.

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