Pet Fear Fear Flight

Pet Travel Essentials for a Fear Free Flight

Whether you’re planning a quick trip or vacation or you’re making a long-distance move across the country, the steps you take to prepare your pet are all the same. It isn’t always easy to plan these trips, get all the documentation in place, and deal with not only your stress but your pet’s anxiety as well. 

We want to share our best tips and essential advice to ease the pet travel process and make it less stressful for everyone involved. With proper preparation, your pet will have a fear-free flight and an overall enjoyable experience.

Prepare Early

Your pre-planning agenda should start with a veterinarian visit to ensure that your pet is up to date with their shots and that you have all the records you need to be able to travel. It is also important to know there are no outstanding health issues that may cause more anxiety during the flight. You’ll want to ensure that the vet you’re working with is knowledgeable, and has done a pet move to the location you are going to.

Before booking, you’ll want to be sure that you have thoroughly researched the airline. Are they pet-friendly or what are their specific rules and regulations? When finalizing your choice of airline, do your best to make sure that the flight is non-stop. If the distance is too long for a non-stop flight, we are sure to provide rest stops along the way.

Comfortable Carrier

One of the most important factors in fear-free flying is your pet’s comfortability and that starts with their carrier. 

You should purchase a carrier with ample space for your pet to sit and stand, and one that fits within cabin travel requirements. It is important that you get your pet accustomed to this carrier before their first flight. We recommend regularly practicing having them go in, out, and study comfortably a few weeks prior to your flight. When the time comes, the mobility and comfortability of your pet in their carrier won’t be an issue. 


The use of pet-friendly pheromones, to ease your pet’s anxiety can also help. It is a non-drug solution that can ease your pet in stressful situations, like flying. 

The use of a familiar scent, like one of your t-shirts, a towel, or a blanket, can also help your pet feel more comfortable in these stressful situations due to the familiarity of the smell. We do not recommend putting anything hard in the crate that could cause potential injuries.

Before the Flight

Taking your dog for a walk or doing some type of exercise before the flight can help reduce their anxiety before it’s time to board. A tired dog is a happy dog. Make sure to pack and bring all your essentials like your pet’s collar, leash, food, treats, and water (just make sure they don’t drink too much or eat anything right before the flight). 

Finally, make sure your pet relieves themselves right before and right after the flight. Your airport should have a pet-friendly potty station inside and if your pet uses pads, just place the pad on the relief station. 

Airpets International Can Help

If you are traveling or moving with your pet it can be overwhelming when you have to worry about other factors during this process, and that is why Airpets is here to help. We offer both pet air and pet ground transportation and will be sure to care for your furry friend every step of the way for a fear-free travel experience. After over 30 years of pet relocation services and many satisfied customers, you can be sure to trust us to keep your pets safe and sound both in the air and on the ground. 

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