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Winter Dog Move

Prepare your dog for the winter move with careful consideration of various factors. The winter season brings cooler weather, prompting many people to relocate their dogs despite potential challenges. When planning a winter dog move, it’s essential to be mindful of weather conditions, temperatures, holidays, and health risks. Our pet shipping experts specialize in ensuring the safest travel arrangements for your furry friend.

To optimize your dog’s journey during winter, it’s advisable to schedule flights in the midday hours, providing more temperate weather conditions. Cold weather can be unpredictable, with blizzards and storms forming rapidly, causing significant delays. Entrusting a pet shipping expert with your move ensures that your dog receives proper care in the event of a weather-related setback.

Check the forecasted ground temperatures at each stop on your dog’s itinerary, aiming for temperatures above 45˚F. Some airlines may accept a low-temperature acclimation certificate from your veterinarian, particularly for cold-resistant breeds like huskies. However, if temperatures are expected to drop below 20˚F, most airlines will not transport the dog, even with the certificate.


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While these restrictions may seem stringent, they prioritize your dog’s well-being. Dogs, especially those with thinner or no coats, respiratory issues, or arthritis, can be sensitive to extreme cold. Airlines aim to ensure their safety during travel. Consider adding warmer linings to pet shipping crates for increased comfort in cooler weather, but waiting for temperatures above 45˚F is often the safest choice.


Additionally, strategically plan your dog’s travel weeks to avoid peak holiday periods, as airline personnel may be overwhelmed during busy holidays. We prioritize your pet’s well-being, recommending travel during the weeks before or after major holidays to minimize stress.

For any questions, concerns, or to schedule your dog’s move, reach out to our dog shipping experts. Wishing you and your furry friend a happy winter journey and joyful holidays!

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