Warm Winter Treats for Your Furry Friends

Winter is the perfect time for cuddling up with your warm furry friend and some warm tasty treats! Obviously, sharing fresh baked cookies or hot chocolate with your pup is out of the question.

So, let’s look at some recipes for tasty warm treats that you can share with your pet:

Dog-Friendly Cookies

Get the treat fun flowing with some doggy cookies! Nothing beats oven-fresh cookies, but make sure that you let these tasty treats cool sufficiently before serving them to your pup.

Apple carrot dog biscuits are a wholesome combination of wheat flour, oats, and of course, apples and carrots. Cut and bake these like you would human cookies.

Is your pup beggin’ for bacon? Try these homemade pumpkin treats with peanut butter bacon glaze. You can make these perfect for any occasion with fun cookie cutters of your choice!

Finally, these minty wintry cookies use mint and parsley to help freshen your pup’s breath. Unlike standard cookie recipes, these minty treats need to be stored in the refrigerator or freezer after baking, cooling and icing.

Meaty Treats

If cookies aren’t your dog’s thing, try making some tasty meaty treats instead:

These 4-ingredient chicken biscuits make for some fine canine comfort food. Bake the mixture of shredded cooked chicken, whole wheat flour, nonfat plain yogurt and egg to a golden brown for a meaty treat your pup will love!

Have some leftover bacon grease? Use it to make some bacon cornmeal dog biscuits!

Doggy Hot “Chocolate”

Want to share the joy of a mug of cocoa with your furry friend? Check out this video for making hot “chocolate” that your pup can also enjoy!

If your dog is prone to allergies or food sensitivity, check with your vet before serving these treats. And always enjoy these doggy desserts in moderation!

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