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Things To Know About Pet Relocation

Five things to know about pet relocations!

Planning is everything for pet relocation: Depending on where you plan to relocate your pet, planning can take a few weeks or up to six months. Some countries require a waiting period after certain tests, or quarantines before entering. By planning ahead of time you can make sure the pet relocation goes smoothly.

Pet relocation health certificate: A health certificate is a requirement for most pet relocations. But you shouldn’t just see it as a check mark on your list. Making sure your pet is in good health before travel is a big deal. Travel can exacerbate certain symptoms in pets, so making sure your pet is healthy enough for travel should be at the top of your list. With the right knowledge about your pet’s health you can make important decisions. In some cases you might just need to postpone travel for a bit, giving your pet time to regain their health.

Rabies for dogs and cats: Unless you are relocating a very young pet, then odds are everywhere you go will require a Rabies vaccination. Depending on where you are going, this rabies vaccination might need to be timed precisely or even repeated in order to follow that country’s requirements. If you are unsure about country requirements please contact out pet relocation experts so we can help with your pet’s relocation.

Air travel is the fastest way to relocate a pet but it’s not the only way: Many pets are not allowed on airplanes for different reasons, from health concerns, breed specific concerns or temperature concerns just to name a few. But all is not lost, your pet doesn’t have to stay behind just because they’re not allowed on a plane. Many other forms of transportation are available from ground transportation, including automobiles and trains to aquatic transportation in ships.

Travel Crate: no matter what form of transportation, your pet will need a crate. Traveling inside a crate that is right for his or her size and breed will not only keep your pet safe, but also comfortable. Make sure you introduce your pet to crate training early on. Your pet’s crate is their sanctuary, a spot where they are safe and comfortable. Contact our pet relocation experts to find out about all the different customizations available for your pet’s travel crate.

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