The Top 5 Dog-Friendly Cities in International

The holidays may be over but spring break is approaching quickly. Check out our list of the top dog-friendly cities in America so that your pet can have as much of a vacation as you.

1. Chicago, IL

The Windy City is home to some 600 dog parks and is easily accessed through its many sidewalks like The 606, an elevated walkway exclusively for pedestrians and bikers like you. Not to mention, the Chicago White Sox hosts an annual dog day where baseball fans can be accompanied by their four-legged friends.

2. Seattle, WA

Seattle is a city filled with dog lovers. There are even indoor dog parks offered to avoid any inclement weather and over 30 meet-up groups for those who want to socialize with other dog owners in town.

3. Austin, TX

Although Austin keeps it weird, it offers a wide variety of outdoor parks (i.e. Zilker Park, Barton Creek Greenway) where owners are encouraged to bring their dogs. You can even bring your dog to a yoga class with you, how cool! 

4. Colorado Springs, CO

For those of you who are looking for an escape from reality, Colorado Springs is home to many picturesque nature trails. Check out the Garden of the Gods with your pup and grab some fresh air while hiking Pike National Forest.

5. New York City, NY

Getting lost in the fast-paced streets of N.Y. is easy when your dog can come with. Ranked as one of the easiest places to walk, New York offers sights you won’t forget and dog-friendly restaurants that you can’t miss.

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