Pet shipping - tips for a fear free experience

The dos and don’ts of pet shipping: tips for a stress-free experience

By following these dos and don’ts of pet shipping, you can help ensure a safe and stress-free journey for you and your furry friends!

The pet needs to be 20p or less  to be transported in the main cabin and fit under the seat 

Pet shipping - stress free experience

  1. Do plan ahead: Make sure to give yourself plenty of time to research your options, book your pet’s travel arrangements, and prepare your pet for the journey. 
  2. Don’t forget to check airline and country specific requirements: Different airlines and countries may have specific requirements for pet travel, such as vaccination records or health certificates. Make sure to research and comply with all necessary regulations.  
  3. Do choose a reputable transporter: Look for a company with experience in pet transportation and positive customer reviews. Ask for references and proof of insurance. 
  4. Don’t use sedatives: While it may seem like a good idea to calm your pet during the journey, sedatives can be dangerous at high altitudes. Instead, consider natural remedies such as calming treats or pheromone sprays. 
  5. Do crate train your pet: Get your pet accustomed to their crate well in advance of the journey. Make it a positive experience by offering treats and toys in the crate. 
  6. Don’t feed your pet too close to departure: To avoid motion sickness, it’s recommended that pets don’t eat for at least 6 hours before travel.
  7. Do label your pet’s crate clearly: Make sure your pet’s crate is labeled with their name, your contact information, and any necessary travel documentation.
  8. Don’t forget to pack supplies: When a pet travels in cargo – we don’t put toys in the crate because they can present a choking hazard or an injury hazard if it is a hard toy and the plane encounters turbulence.  We recommend a t-shirt with a parent’s scent rather than heavy blankets – excess bedding can restrict air flow and will not dry easily if water or urine gets on them.  Freezing the water in the water bowl is an excellent way to ensure the water will be available for longer flights and won’t just slosh out of the bowl. Food for two or three days should be put in a Ziplock bag and taped to the top of the crate. Providing a funnel and an extra bottle of water can be useful for longer journeys.
  9. Do understand your pet’s journey: The pet will be alone in cargo – this is unavoidable. It is important to understand what comfort stops they will have and what facilities will be used.  Will they be let out to eliminate, drink and eat? Will they be given overnight accommodations? Will they be examined by a vet or other animal care professional upon arrival? At Airpets International, we provide all of  those services for your pet while traveling & will inform you along the way. 
  10. Do check on your pet’s welfare during the journey: Make sure to follow up with the transporter to ensure your pet has arrived safely and is comfortable.
  11. Do provide clear and detailed instructions: Provide clear and detailed instructions to the shipping company about your travels and expectations. Explain your pet’s needs and preferences, provide feeding and medication instructions, and share emergency contact information.
  12. Don’t leave your pet’s travel arrangements to the last minute: Rushed planning can lead to mistakes and unnecessary stress for both you and your pet. 

Dog shipping - stress free experience

Why travel with us? Because our number one priority is always the safety and well-being of your pet. We work with the safest airlines and most qualified handlers to ensure we are providing first-class services and facilities for all our furry friends! We offer customizable pet shipping services, we are skilled and experienced, and pet parents ourselves! We have strong relationships with every major airline & you can rest easy with Airpets International. 

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