Dakota Nielsen happy dog travelers


Move Manager

Where are you from? Born in Erie, Pennsylvania, raised in Kirbyville, Texas

What’s your job title and what does that entail? Pet Travel Consultant – Advise clients on services provided with requested inquiries of relocating their pet(s), and assist clients on transportation from destinations that they cannot do alone.

What’s your favorite part of your job? The learning of all these new breeds and locations!

Do you have any pets currently? I do! I have a semi-recently adopted mini-poodle, his name is Booger. Sweet as can be and I am just so blessed to have him in my life. They say he’s 10 YO, but I don’t believe it.. He’s just a little “crack” monkey, hahaha!

Boogie Dog


What’s a fun fact about yourself? Fun fact about myself? I’ve cooked professionally in fine-dining and I love video or board games. Kind of nerdy-ish, but I’m really not that full of fun facts.

Favorite place you’ve visited and why? I haven’t been outside of the states yet, but this far, I would sayyyyy…. Niagra Falls. It’s just absolutely beautiful. I love West NY / “upstate”.. & my family is there… Any chance to be with them is always wonderful.