Spotlight Pet Move: Frida And Patch Move From Florida To UK

Frida (Dog), and Patch (Cat) are our spotlight pet move. These pets moved from Florida, USA to the UK.


When is your pet’s birthday? Frida (June 2011), and Patch (October 2010)


Where did you get them?

Frida: Adopted here in Gainesville from local animal rescue

Patch: Also adopted, from animal rescue in New Zealand (where we are originally from)


Where did your pets travel from and to? We moved our dog and cat from Florida to UK


What was the reason for your move? Our pet move was for work


Describe your pets in five words.

Frida: Tubby, stubborn, cautious, lazy, old.

Patch: Playful, bossy, picky, princess, hunter.


What is your pet’s favorite food?

Frida: Seriously anything.

Patch: Temptations (but she only gets these as occasional treats hehe!)


What is the cutest thing your pet does?

Frida: When she army crawls towards us!

Patch: When she sits on my chest and head-boops my face


What is the smartest thing your pet does?

Frida: She jumps on the couch when we’re not home but jumps off before we open the door to catch her in the act (but the fur she leaves behind gives her away, haha!).

Patch: She uses her paw to push open our wardrobe doors so she can hide in our clean clothes.

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