Quick Q and A: Flying With Dogs


Which countries have quarantines? Australia, Singapore, Japan, New Zealand, China (Excluding Hong Kong), Brunei and Guam. And don’t forget even though Hawaii is a state, not a country, it also has a quarantine for animals being imported.

images-1When traveling to Europe, do the same rules apply for every country? The health certificate is the same, but some countries require that the dog be treated for internal and external parasites while others don’t. Vaccination requirements will be the same for every country in Europe.

Can you alter a crate to fit my dog? Only the height of an airline pre approved carrier can be increased by up to five inches. But carriers can be custom made for really big dogs.

How many puppies can travel together in the same carrier? Two and they must be litter mates, under six months old.

Is there a limit to the number of pets you can ship at once? The number of spots in the cargo hold available in each plane will vary. Bigger planes will let you ship more dogs than little ones. There are certain countries that will only allow a maximum of 5 pets per owner at one time.

What’s the best bedding for my pet’s travel crate? Shredded paper. Be careful  when using newspaper though, when the ink gets wet it can stain a light colored dog’s fur.

dog carry suitcaseDoes the US issue pet passports? No. The European Union does issue pet passports but you must be in the EU to get one and they are only issued by EU veterinarians.

Are there dog breed restrictions for travel? Yes, some restrictions are imposed by airlines while other breeds are restricted by entire countries. Airlines typically restrict brachycephalic or snub nose dog breeds. While countries like the UK, Italy, Spain, Norway, Singapore, Australian and others have completely banned certain breeds of dog like Pitt Bull, Dogo Argentino, Fila Brazileiro, Tosa and some others.

What’s the difference between shipping my pet as cargo or excess baggage? When shipping them as cargo they get care appropriate for a live animal. They will receive water, food and bathroom breaks. They also get transported from air conditioned vehicles to the plane and are never left on the tarmac. When shipping as excess baggage they do not get food or potty breaks, and they may wait on the tarmac on a baggage cart until it is time to be placed in the plane, just like your luggage.

What is the size limit for pets inside the cabin? Most airlines have a maximum weight of 10Kgs (22lbs) including the crate.

Is there a size limit for a dog to fly? While most dogs will be able to travel comfortably in the designated cargo area, this size of this area can vary depending on the size of the plane. Most international flights can accommodate the bigger dogs while some of the regional flights use planes that are too small.

Are all airlines pet safe? Not all airlines will ship pets and the ones who do can be very different from each other. Some airlines like the ones used by Airpets America go the extra mile when it comes to your dog’s comfort.

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