Pet Shipping to Germany

Embarking on a transcontinental journey with your beloved furry friend can be exciting. However, it also comes with its fair share of challenges. Fur parents must navigate complex international regulations and ensure their pet’s comfort throughout the voyage. 

At Airpets International, we understand these challenges intimately. Let us be your trusted partner for seamless pet relocation to Germany.

Moving With Your Pet to Germany

If you want to move to Germany with your beloved furry friends, you may wonder about the requirements. The German Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture has provided several guidelines for pet shipping to Germany:

  • Number of Pets: You are allowed to bring a maximum of five pets to Germany.
  • Age Requirement: The minimum age requirement for cats and dogs is 15 weeks.
  • Microchipping: Your pet must be microchipped with an ISO 11784/11785 compliant 15-digit pet microchip. The microchip must be implanted before the rabies vaccination is administered. Make sure the microchip is registered along with all your information. 
  • Rabies Vaccination: Your pet must be vaccinated against rabies before your flight. Make sure the rabies vaccination is administered at least 21 days before travel. However, your pet must have been vaccinated no more than 12 months before entering the country.
  • Health Certificate: You must have your veterinarian issue a health certificate between 48 hours to 10 days of your travel depending on the specifics of your move. This certificate should state that your pet is fit for travel. In addition, it should be endorsed by your country’s official veterinary authority.
  • Banned Dog Breeds: According to the official German Customs page, certain dog breeds are deemed dangerous and banned in the country. They include the following breeds: Bull Terrier, Pit Bull Terrier, Staffordshire Bull Terrier, and the American Staffordshire Terrier.
  • Transportation Requirements: Pet owners should ensure they are transported in an International Air Transport Association (IATA) compliant crate or carrier. It should be well-ventilated and appropriate for the size of your pet.
  • Customs Declaration: Your pet will need to clear customs upon arrival into Germany. Make sure to have all the necessary documents readily available.

As a trusted professional pet relocation service provider, Airpets International helps you prepare all the necessities to safely and comfortably transport your pet to Germany. Our specialists obtain up-to-date and accurate information so you meet all regulatory requirements, ensuring a smooth pet relocation to Germany.


At Airpets International, your pet’s journey is our passion. We make every effort to make your departure and arrival a smooth and worry-free experience for you and your beloved fur baby. From expertly handling all the paperwork and logistics to ensuring your pet’s comfort throughout the voyage, we leave no detail unchecked.

Departure Services

Arrival Services

When you work with Airpets International, you’re leveraging the skills and experience of experts at pet shipping to Germany. Our priority is the safety and well-being of your furry friends. We not only have the most qualified handlers in the industry but also work with the safest airlines, providing top-notch amenities and services.

Dog Shipping to Germany

When relocating with your dog to a different country, you need to cover certain requirements and conditions. For this reason, dog shipping to Germany can be laborious and time-consuming. To help reduce the stress you and your canine friends go through, our team takes care of every detail so you can plan for your upcoming trip and travel with peace of mind.

Our team helps you attend to your dog’s emotional well-being through gentle reassurance and personalized care. We prepare every detail, from providing comfortable accommodations to adhering to feeding and hydration schedules. This helps alleviate travel-related stress, making the journey a smoother and more comfortable experience for your beloved canine companion.

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Cat pet lodging

Cat Shipping to Germany

Transporting a pet cat to Germany requires the same documentation mentioned earlier. For travel, it is important to use an IATA compliant carrier with comfortable bedding and essential supplies. This helps make cat shipping to Germany easier and more comfortable for your feline friend.

It is important to note that your cat may be more sensitive to travel stress than dogs. For this reason, it is crucial to maintain feeding and hydration routines and provide opportunities for bathroom breaks during layovers. Creating a calm and secure environment with familiar scents and minimal disruptions is crucial, making the journey as stress-free as possible.

First-class Air Transportation

Your Airpets International team ensures your pet receives only the highest-level of care. We take pride in our extensive global network of professional pet handlers and our strong partnerships with all major airlines in Germany

As part of our pet relocation to Germany, we provide comfortable, world-class pet lodging during a layover or flight delay. Your pets will enjoy spacious and comfortable accommodation for overnight stays. This also allows your pet to rest and prepare for the next leg of your pet’s trip.

Our commitment to safety and comfort means your furry companion enjoys temperature-controlled, pet-friendly flights. With Airpets International, you get the ultimate in pet travel excellence.

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Reliable Pet Shipping to Germany

As a seasoned pet relocation service provider, Airpets International has built a solid reputation for reliable and world-class service for over 30 years. You can trust that your pets will be in good hands when you travel with our team. Contact our specialists today to get an estimate.

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