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Pet Scams To Look Out For

Pet scams, particularly those exploiting pet relocation businesses, have become an alarming issue for unsuspecting pet lovers. These scams often involve impostors posing as legitimate pet transport companies to deceive and extort money from individuals looking to buy or rehome a pet. Let’s delve into the details of this concerning trend, shedding light on the tactics scammers employ and how to safeguard against falling victim. 


Identifying The Scams 

Fake Businesses/Impersonation of Reputable Businesses 

Scammers often lure victims with unbelievably low relocation fees, a red flag highlighted by legitimate pet relocation companies like Airpets International and other pet transport professionals. Be cautious if the cost seems too good to be true. 

Fake shipping companies play a crucial role in these scams, creating a false sense of security. According to WoodTV, scammers employ fake addresses online to appear locally based, instilling confidence in potential customers. Always verify the legitimacy of the shipping company before proceeding. 

Many scammers exploit the names of established pet transport/relocation companies, adding an extra layer of deception. Legitimate businesses, such as Airpets International, warn against these scams, emphasizing the need for vigilance when dealing with pet relocations.  

Always make sure to contact the company via phone to ensure legitimacy.  


Identifying Puppy/Breeder Scams 

According to the AKC, puppy scammers often employ high-pressure tactics and provide false information to exploit unsuspecting individuals. Beware of fake litters posted online, and verify the legitimacy of breeders by using reputable sources like the American Kennel Club (AKC). 

In addition to puppy scams, breeder frauds are on the rise. Scammers may pose as reputable breeders, taking advantage of the demand for specific breeds. Potential pet owners should be wary of breeder authenticity and use trusted platforms for verification. 

The notorious “puppy mill scam” involves scammers offering free puppies and then requesting payment for shipping costs. Vigilance is essential; always question unexpected costs and thoroughly research the legitimacy of the offer. The “breeders” will claim to work in association with an existing pet relocation company. Make sure to always contact these companies to avoid being exploited. 



Most of the time, scammers will convince the victim to pay large amounts of money. Usually they will request victims to use online services for payment like Zelle, Paypal, CashApp, MoneyGram, Western Union, etc. where it is much more difficult to track. 

They use fake emails and numbers to refrain from being tracked by authorities. So if they are asking to do multiple transactions to different emails/numbers – it is a scam. Your bank may lock your account if a large transaction is made – take this as a sign to get the opinion of your bank in order to be safe. 

Scammers will always try to get more money when possible, so if they ask for additional charges and fees, see that as a sign to have that second opinion. 


How To Prevent Falling For Scams 

Understanding the tactics used by scammers is crucial for protecting oneself. Resources like the blog by Worldwide Pet Transport provide insights into recognizing potential scams, urging individuals to scrutinize shipping details and thoroughly check the authenticity of companies. 

In a world where the love for pets often makes individuals vulnerable, staying informed and cautious is paramount. By heeding these warnings and educating ourselves, we can collectively combat the rise of pet scams, ensuring a safe and secure environment for both pets and their loving owners. 


Image Verification 

To avoid falling victim to scams, conduct a reverse image search using tools like Google Images or TinEye. This helps verify whether the images provided by the seller are legitimate or stolen from other sources. 


Always Contact The Business/Breeder Directly 

Especially if the scammer is impersonating credible businesses, always contact the business directly to receive confirmation. Business websites always provide contact information including: address, number, email, and even social media accounts. If the social media accounts seem new, the address is off, etc – it is most likely a fake company. However, if the company seems legit – give them a call or visit regardless to make sure. If you are simply unsure, ask for a second opinion from a relative or close friend. 


Always Ask For A Second Or Third Opinion 

As mentioned prior, sometimes a second or third opinion can make you realize negative signs that you may have missed before. Ask relatives and close friends on their thoughts and reasoning. Remember, they want what is best for you – so listen to their concerns on the situation no matter how miniscule.  


Always Request To Meet the Breeder/Worker In Person 

Scammers will refuse to meet in person or show their face to prevent getting in legal trouble, so if they are denying your requests – it is most likely a scam. 

Legitimate businesses are always happy to accommodate a customer’s desire to meet and go over their funds. Especially if it is a large transaction like pet relocation/breeding. 


List of Known Scammers 

The International Pet and Animal Association (IPATA) has a list of known scammers that you can reference and analyze here. You can also report any scams to IPATA and find a list of credible pet relocation businesses. 


IPATA quote about pet scams


Airpets International 

Airpets International is a pet transportation company that specializes in both domestic and international pet relocation. We provide first-class pet transportation services, ensuring the safe and stress-free travel of furry companions. Airpets International operates by air and ground, facilitating moves across borders and within countries. Our services include handling the logistics of pet transportation to ensure the well-being of pets during the journey. With a focus on easing the process of pet relocation, Airpets International aims to provide peace of mind for pet owners.  

We do NOT sell animals. Many scammers will impersonate Airpets International pretending to partner with a breeder in an attempt to sell you a “puppy” and charge you additionally for “shipping costs”. 

If someone is claiming to be a representative of Airpets International or claiming to have partnered with us, please contact us in order to report a scam. 


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