James with his pet cat, Loki, reuniting from a move from Australia to Texas.

A Move From Australia to Texas: Loki’s Story

James, accompanied by his charming Sphynx Cat, Loki, recently embarked on an exciting journey to their new home in Colorado. They both had travelled internationally all the way from Melbourne, Australia, to Texas. 


Meet the Travelers 

James, a dedicated pet parent, decided to relocate to Colorado, and he wasn’t alone. His delightful Sphynx Cat, Loki, joined him on this adventure. 


james with his pet cat, loki, reuniting after a move from australia to texas

The motivation behind James and Loki’s relocation was the discovery of a new home in the picturesque state of Colorado. The dashing duo looks forward to the adventures and exciting experiences that lie ahead.

The Sphynx is an energetic, highly intelligent, curious and affectionate cat, described by many as being almost dog-like in their friendliness to both family and strangers. They are extremely outgoing, crave attention and will want to be involved in everything you do


Journey Across Continents 

Loki’s journey began on November 15th, where he endured a lengthy 15+ hour flight from Melbourne, Australia, to Texas. A long move from Australia to Texas is never easy for both owner and pet. The long-haul travel showcased the strong bond between James and Loki, as James eagerly awaited Loki’s safe arrival after being separated for 2 and a half weeks. 



Airpet International’s Role

Airpets International partnered with another pet relocation company and cleared Loki through customs, a vital step in allowing pets to enter the country, upon entering the United States, and cared for him upon his arrival.  Airpets International assured to make Loki as comfortable as possible upon his arrival in Texas, understanding the importance of a smooth transition for both pet and owner. 

Chris, one of the Airpets team, made sure Loki got to stretch, go potty and receive some much-loved ear scratches once he landed in Texas.  He then had the heartwarming pleasure of reuniting Loki and James. 

Wishing Loki and James endless joy in their new abode, where every moment is filled with paw-sitivity! We were super delighted to be able to assist Loki’s move from Australia to Texas!


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