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Move To Germany: Lady Bird and Lyndon

Lady Bird and Lyndon, the dynamic duo of the canine world, embarked on a new adventure last month as their military family made the bold move to Germany, trading the Texan heat for the scenic beauty of the European landscape. This cross-continental journey, prompted by the United States Army, brought about a myriad of changes for the furry companions, and their mom shares some delightful insights into their lives abroad.

One of the first things you might want to know about these furry friends is their birthdays. Both Lady Bird and Lyndon celebrate their special day in February, adding a touch of charm to the winter month. Their mom proudly reveals that Ladybird became part of the family through a friend in college, while Lyndon found his forever home at the El Paso Humane Society. The diverse origins of these two adorable canines add an extra layer of uniqueness to their story.

The travel bug caught them as they traversed continents, making the leap from Dallas, Texas, to the vibrant city of Frankfurt, Germany. This move not only expanded their horizons but also provided these dogs with a palette of new scents and sights during their daily walks in a new and exciting environment.

In five words, their mom succinctly captures the essence of Lady Bird and Lyndon: adorable, lazy, cuddly, dorks, and stubborn. These descriptors paint a vivid picture of their personalities, showcasing a mix of endearing traits that make them beloved members of the family.

When it comes to culinary preferences, Lady Bird is a food enthusiast, embracing anything and everything that comes her way. On the other paw, Lyndon has a more refined taste, savoring each bite of his favorite meals. Their distinct preferences add a dash of flavor to mealtime, reflecting their individual quirks.

The canine cuteness factor is turned up a notch as their mom shares some heart-melting moments. Lady Bird’s love for basking in the sun paints a picture of serene contentment, while Lyndon steals hearts with his adorable popped-up ears, creating a visual feast for anyone lucky enough to witness these charming scenes.

While Lady Bird’s prowess lies in her ability to source food from seemingly unreachable places, Lyndon has mastered the art of claiming a spot on your lap, no matter the circumstances. Their unique skills add an extra layer of amusement to daily life, ensuring that their human family is always entertained.

As a testament to their intelligence, Lady Bird and Lyndon have mastered sign language commands, demonstrating an impressive level of communication. Their ability to adapt is showcased by the impressive list of residences they’ve called home—12 houses, spanning 4 states and 2 countries. Each move, especially the recent move to Germany, marks a new chapter in their adventurous lives.

Lady Bird and Lyndon, with their charming personalities and globetrotting experiences, exemplify the resilience and adaptability of military family pets. As they continue to explore the picturesque landscapes of Germany, their paw prints leave an indelible mark on the hearts of those fortunate enough to share in their journey. The move to Germany not only symbolizes a change in geography but also serves as a backdrop to the unfolding saga of two beloved dogs and their ever-evolving adventures.

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