Meet Our Pet Pals: Recent Pet Flights With Airpets International

Over the last few months, Airpets America has helped transport some of the most adorable cats, dogs, and a lizard to their new homes or to be reunited with their families. As pet flight restrictions are slowly being lifted around the world, you may be interested in traveling domestically or internationally with your pet again. We invite you to meet some of Airpets America’s most recent pet pals, read about their experience, and learn more about our soaring standards for your pets safety. 

Meet Zsiga!

Zsiga is a beautiful Siamese cat that recently completed a long trek with her lovely owner from Boston to Budapest! Over 4,000 miles later, we are happy to report that they have settled into their new home nicely.

Meet Shona & Mona!

Unfortunately, Shona and Mona had been separated from their owners for some time. Airpets America was eager to reunite their family, so we worked out arrangements to get them from Miami to India. They were excited to be home and have a heartwarming reunion!

Meet Shiloh & Snoopy!

These handsome brothers were set to make a long 5,000+ mile journey from Colorado to Germany in mid August. Shiloh and Snoopy spent the week relaxing and getting ready for their flight at the luxurious Pawhootz Pet Resort in Dallas. 

Meet MJ!

MJ comes from a military family and is used to moving around often. Mj recently traveled from the Dallas/Fort Worth area all the way to Germany and is settled into his new home with his family.

Meet Zuzu and Twommey!

These well traveled pups like to accompany their humans as they travel and explore different cities around the world. They recently returned to their Dallas area home after spending some time in Paris!

Meet Gemma!

This friendly feline flew with Airpets America from Australia to Dallas, and finally to her home in Georgia. Gemma was excited to be reunited with her family!

Meet Sasha!

This beautiful girl recently traveled from Virginia all the way to Germany, to be reunited with her family. 

Airpets America

No trip is too long or far away for Airpets America to handle. We understand how important your pets are to you, and how difficult it can be to make travel arrangements for them as you move. We treat your pets  as our very own, so your cat, dog, lizard, etc., will be traveling in style with first class pet transportation. Contact us today to get an estimate!