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Imported Russian Red Foxes

This is the story of Mikhail and Nikolai, two Russian Red foxes with a tale that took them from the vast landscapes of Russia to an unexpected adventure in Texas. They were imported Russian red foxes that were denied and left without a proper home.

What happened?

In a pet shipping saga, Airpets International received a call from British Air seeking assistance. The challenge? Two Russian Red foxes had arrived at DFW airport but were unable to navigate through customs. In Russia, these foxes had been carefully domesticated through selective breeding, making them suitable as pets. However, Texas regulations prohibited even domesticated foxes as pets, putting them in a precarious situation.

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A Texan had purchased these furry friends online, unaware of the intricacies of importing exotic animals into the state. Equipped with the necessary paperwork for export, these foxes, unfortunately, lacked guidance from pet shipping experts who could have advised on local regulations.

Unable to clear customs due to legal restrictions, the foxes were confiscated by wildlife authorities. Airpets International was called upon to pick up and quarantine the Russian Red foxes while a solution was sought. The original owner suggested euthanasia, but our compassionate team, including veterinarians from America’s Animal Clinic, couldn’t bear to see these magnificent creatures suffer due to ignorance.

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While the bureaucratic wheels turned, Mikhail and Nikolai found solace in the excellent boarding and day camp facilities provided by our sister company, PawHootz Pet Resort. Their domestication allowed them to enjoy their time with our pet care experts, playing and running with gusto.

Determined to find a suitable home for them, we faced the challenge of limited options. The only feasible way to clear them was if they were destined for a zoo or wildlife reserve. Given their domestication, adapting to the wild posed difficulties. After exhaustive efforts, we connected with the Austin Zoo, which graciously agreed to welcome them. Today, Mikhail and Nikolai call the Austin Zoo home, celebrating their birthdays in April.

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