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How To: Travel With Your Pet Post-Brexit

Traveling With Your Pet Post-Brexit

Starting January 1, 2021, the Brexit transition period officially concluded, and all of the new changes to pet flight rules and restrictions were officially implemented in full force. After months of back and forth with Brexit negotiations and delays to be able to travel around Europe with your pet, the process still seems as complicated as ever. 


Aside from the ongoing pandemic and the complicated process of getting to Great Britain in the first place, things are even more confusing now as Brexit rules govern the new relationships between the EU and GB, but not to worry, Airpets America has you and your furry friend covered. 


Airpets Is Finding Unique Solutions For Airline Restrictions

Pet travel to Great Britain has never been a simple task. Airpets America has been closely monitoring both the Brexit and COVID-19 situation and is happy to report that we are still successfully transporting your pets to the UK. 


While we have found that a few airlines are no longer flying pets to the UK, a few airlines still are. Transporting pets to the UK is tricky but not impossible when you know what you’re doing, and that is why airlines’ #1 recommendation is to work with a trusted pet shipper like Airpets America.


Trust the Experts

If there’s a route we will find it. We have been transporting pets for 30 years, and we can take all of the stress and difficulty out of traveling with or relocating your pets, especially amidst these confusing times and regulations. We are constantly keeping ourselves educated on all of the changes in the industry and various country requirements to stay on top of being airline and governmental regulation experts. 


At Airpets America, we have country-specific pet relocators, whose sole focus is on knowing the unique requirements of different countries. Trust us, we know a thing or two about pets and how to get them around the world safely.


Airline Relationships

Due to our strong relationships with all major airlines, Airpets America can provide more options and the most flexibility for your pet’s move. Your furry friend will only ever fly in temperature-controlled pressurized cargo holds, so you can rest assured that they are comfy and cozy.


Airpets America

Our pet shipping services are customizable to you and your pets’ needs so that your pet is safe and you are comfortable every step of the way. Contact us at (866) 738-7447 or request an estimate online to start planning your pet’s next travel arrangements with Airpets America.

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