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Flying A Bulldog

Ensuring the well-being of your bulldog during air travel is crucial. Bulldogs, being a brachycephalic breed, face challenges due to their compressed noses and narrowed windpipes. Flying a bulldog can pose health concerns, especially considering their susceptibility to temperature changes and air quality variations. However, with proper planning and guidance from a pet shipping expert, you can mitigate potential risks.

Many airlines have strict regulations for dog travel, especially for bulldogs. Some even refuse to transport them altogether. Collaborating with a pet shipping expert can help you identify airlines that accommodate bulldogs. Keep in mind that flight conditions for bulldogs typically require temperatures between 45F and 85F throughout the journey. Selecting the right flight, preferably a direct one, and choosing an optimal time of day are key factors in ensuring your bulldog’s comfort.

Before flying, prioritize your bulldog’s health. Ensure they are at an ideal weight, as overweight dogs may experience even greater breathing difficulties. Consult your veterinarian to achieve the appropriate weight before travel.

Invest in a well-ventilated custom crate, providing extra space beyond standard requirements. Familiarize your bulldog with the crate in advance through car rides to enjoyable places, promoting a sense of comfort during travel. To prevent overheating, use a thin blanket or paper in the crate, and consider frozen water bottles with holes for continuous hydration without spillage risks.

Additionally, be prepared with an empty bowl for the pet care crew to provide water and food in case of delays. While air travel is an option, our network of pet shipping experts can also arrange air-conditioned ground transportation when necessary, ensuring breaks along the way to maintain your bulldog’s comfort throughout the journey. With proper precautions and assistance, flying a bulldog can be a safer and more enjoyable experience for your beloved pet.

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