Featured Pet Move: Lola The Labrador Moves From Arkansas To Germany

Our featured pet move is Lola, she moved from Arkansas to Germany

Birthday: December, 2016

We got Lola from a farm family giving Lola and her siblings away in a store parking lot.

Lola traveled from Hot Springs, Arkansas to Wiesbaden, Germany.

We moved to be with our dad/husband who had been put on military orders.

Lola in 5 words: Energetic, smart, funny, strong, mischievous.

Lola’s favorite food: Toast soaked in bacon grease 🙂

Cutest thing Lola does:  Sleeping (and snoring) on her back with all four feet in the air.  When she is hot and dirty, she will put her snout in her cool water dish and blow bubbles.

Smartest thing Lola does:  Lola will organize all her yard toys, taking them to one area and placing them in a circle around her.  She will also retrieve a toy by name, without us pointing to it.

Other Lola Facts:

  • She enjoys doing tricks for Goldfish Crackers.

  • Though she looks small, she is 50 pounds of pure muscle and we are pretty sure she could pull one of us on a sled.
  • She is a bit of an enigma:  She will only drink clear, cool water in her dish, but tries to be a connoisseur of the cats’ litter box contents.
  • Her rawhide bones are rarely eaten straight out of the package; she must cure and season them with a proper burial before she deems them satisfactory and worthy to be eaten.
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