Dog move: South Africa to Texas

Dog’s name: Tex

When is your dog’s birthday? DEC 14th

Where did you get your pet? Bought him from someone in South Africa

Where did he travel from and to? From White River, South Africa to Hawkins, Texas

What was the reason for your pet move? Moved back to USA after 8 years in mission field

Describe your dog in five words. Stubborn, loveable, playful, 100lb lap dog 😀

What is your dog’s favorite food? Steak lol but will purposefully bump into your glass of wine so he can clean it up

What is the cutest thing he does? He loves to stick his nose in the air so you can kiss it

What is the smartest thing he does? If you pick up your keys or purse, he goes to “time out” (his crate)

Anything else about your dog that you would like to share? He was the runt of the litter & parents were normal size but he’s grown into a HUGE 100+ lb goof ball who looks like a Great Dane. Yet he thinks he’s a small lap dog.

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