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Dog Move: South Africa To Texas

Meet Tex, the lovable and playful canine companion who embarked on a remarkable journey from the scenic landscapes of South Africa to find his forever home in Hawkins, Texas. Tex, a 100-pound lap dog with a heart as vast as his size, has brought boundless joy to the Hawkins household.

Tex’s story began in White River, South Africa, where he was acquired locally, adding an international flair to his tale. His journey across continents brought him to the warm embrace of Hawkins, Texas, as his owner, having spent eight years in the mission field, decided to return to the United States, bringing Tex along for the exciting adventure.

Describing Tex in five words is a challenge, but “stubborn, loveable, playful, 100lb lap dog” perfectly encapsulates his essence. Despite his imposing size, Tex is a gentle giant who believes he’s a small lap dog trapped in a massive frame.

Tex’s larger-than-life personality is reflected in his favorite food—steak. As a canine connoisseur, he enjoys the finest dining experiences but isn’t immune to a bit of mischief. If you have a glass of wine in hand, be prepared for Tex’s strategic maneuvers, offering his assistance in cleaning up any spills.

Among Tex’s endearing habits is his love for nose kisses. With an adorable lift of his nose into the air, he invites those around him to share a smooch, showcasing his affectionate nature and deep love for human interaction. Who could resist planting a kiss on that noble snout? As we celebrate Tex’s birthday on December 14th, let’s cherish the unique journey that brought him from South Africa to Texas and appreciate the joy he brings to the Hawkins home.

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