Customizing a crate to fit your dog.

Customizing a crate to fit your dog is part of what Airpets does to provide a safe and comfortable travel experience for your dog. Your dog needs to be able to sit, stand and turn around in the crate comfortably to be able to travel and many pets will only be able to achieve this by customizing a crate for them.

Crates can be customized in 3 ways, CR82’s used to transport dogs that are on the aggressive dog breed lists, crates extended to provide more height and crates customized for all measurements. By measuring your dog’s length, height and width, as well as weight you’ll be able to determine if customizing a crate is necessary for your dog.

The height extension of crates is usually used when the dog’s ears are naturally pricked up, like a Shiba Inu, Husky, German Shepherd, etc. Your dog needs to have 3inches of clearance from the top of his or her ears when the dog is sitting inside the crate. This type of crate customization allows you to buy a smaller sized crate where your dog can lie down and turn around in while adding a couple of inches so the ears fit comfortably too. While you could sometimes go one size up in airline approved ordinary crates, there are benefits for customizing the crate instead. One benefit of customizing the crate is cost, since airlines usually price your dog’s move based on weight, going one or two full sizes up adds a lot of unnecessary weight making it more expensive to transport your dog. Another benefit of customizing a crate is that the smaller crates can go on more types of airplanes than the bigger ones, making it easier to book a flight.

Crate Requirements number 82 or CR82’s are custom crates constructed of metal, hardwood, plywood or similar materials, with two secure door fasteners on each side that can’t accidentally be opened. These are required by many airlines when transporting dogs that are on an aggressive dog breed list like Pit bulls, Cane Corso, Dobermans, etc. Most airlines have dog breed restrictions on their flights and the aggressive dog breed list varies from one airline to another and from one country to another so it is wise to ask a dog shipping expert for up to date information.

Customizing a crate to fit all the measurements of your dog, height, width and length are usually necessary for all giant dog breeds, Great Pyrenes, Great Danes, Irish Wolfhounds and many others. Since many of these dogs are not only taller but also heavier it is very important that the customized crate is made by experts. These crates tend to be quite large and need to follow detailed requirements so they are safe and comfortable for your dog to be transported in.

So if your dog doesn’t quite fit in the pre made airline approved travel crates, because he’s too tall or too big or on an aggressive breed list then customizing a crate will be necessary. Our dog relocation experts will ensure that your dog travels comfortably and safely. Customizing a crate will provide the space your dog needs.

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