The most important thing to keep in mind when buying a crate is that your dog should be able to sit, stand, lie down and turn around in the crate comfortably. When in a standing position, there must be at least 3 inches of space between the top of your dog’s head or ears and the inside top of the crate for travel.

Airpets America carries a full-line of crates, custom crates and modified crates. Do you have a giant sized dog that won’t fit in a regular crate? Do you have a pit bull that isn’t allowed in a regular crate?  Airpets America can help! We can even deliver them to your front door. Any questions? We’re standing by and ready to assist.

You will need 4 measurements to find the right size crate for shipping your pet. Length of body (A), Length of leg (B), Width body (C) and Height (D) of your pet.

(A) To measure length of body, have your pet stand against the wall and measure from the base of his tail to the tip of his nose the measurement you calculated in (B).

(B) To measure length of leg, have your pet stand against the wall and measure from the floor to top of his elbow and divide this number by two.

(C) To measure width of body, measure the width at the widest point, usually the shoulders and add 10 inches. Most crates are wide enough for the average dog when the length and height are adequate.

(D) To measure height, have your pet sit next to you and pinpoint the top of his head, or ears (whichever is highest), on your leg, then measure your leg to the floor from that point and add 3 inches.

It’s also important to know your dog’s weight as each travel crate size has a weight restriction.

The pet’s crate should have ventilation on all 4 sides, have only one door and have metal bolts (not plastic) securing the top and bottom halves of the crates together.  Clips are not acceptable for pet airline travel.

If your pet is in between sizes then buy the larger size.

Brachycephalic (snub nose) breeds should use a crate one size larger than measurements indicate.

Crate #

Max Pet Weight

Est. Dims

Weight of Crate


Costs w/Tax

100 15 max 21Lx16wx15h 6.02 lbs $57 $61.70
200 15-30 max 28Lx20.5wx21.5h 12.5 lbs $80 $86.60
300 30-50 max 32Lx22.5wx24h 16 lbs $105 $113.65
400 50-70 max 36Lx25wx27h 20.75 lbs $132 $142.89
500 70-90 max 40Lx27wx30h 30.5 lbs $159 $172.12
700 90-150 max 48Lx32wx35h 51.5 lbs $280 $303.10
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Hands down the best company we used in a move from the US to Spain. Best care, greatest attention to detail, and a very happily delivered dog. Definitely recommend; Dakota was incredible in her attention to detail, care, and communication. You’re in good hands with her.

Jace Goodier

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Dog in italy
We had a particularly challenging, short notice posting from DC to Italy. Commercial airlines did not accept the oversized crate. The Airpets America Team is very responsive and the international carriers used are exceptional. At no time were we concerned for the health of our pup. The Team also recommended the specific crate to meet airline requirements and reviewed the international health paperwork with our Vet. We recommend Airports American to anyone traveling overseas!

Chris Collins

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Germany Dog
Miranda was absolutely amazing and helped us get our two basset hounds to Germany a month after we moved there with the Army. She answered every question my family had and made this process so much easier on all of us. I would definitely recommend her!

Katie Zuniga

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