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Beat the Heat With These Refreshing Dog-Safe Treats

It’s officially summer! And that means it’s time for us and our furry friends to look for fun and refreshing ways to beat the heat.

But before you share a cool treat with your pup, make sure you have the facts on what kinds of people foods are safe for dogs to eat!

No Sharing Ice Cream

Since dogs can safely eat dairy and cheese in moderation, it may be tempting to let your dog have some of the ice cream that you’re enjoying. Don’t!

Ice cream is often loaded with sugar, making it a treat that’s not particularly healthy for humans—and even less healthy for our furry friends. Additionally, ice cream may contain dog-unfriendly ingredients such as almonds, macadamia nuts or chocolate.

Try Some Frozen Fruits Instead

If you’d like to share a sweet frozen treat with your pup, try ditching the ice cream and reaching for some tasty frozen fruits. There are plenty of fruits and vegetables that are considered healthy and safe for dogs to eat!

Try offering your pup bite-size chunks of frozen mango, apple or pineapple. Or when you’re preparing a snack, reach for some fresh, chilled berries or some freshly cut watermelon! Bananas and strawberries are also dog-safe fruits.

When considering fruity treats for your furry friend, steer clear of citrus fruits and grapes, as these can be very toxic to your dog. You should also avoid avocado and cherries, as these foods are also poisonous to pups and present an additional choking hazard because of the woody pits in these fruits.

Get Creative

Most dogs can also enjoy salt-free peanut butter and yogurt in moderation. So try freezing some peanut butter and yogurt in an ice cube tray for a fun, bit-size treat to give to your pup on a hot summer day!

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