10 Ways To Prepare for International Pet Shipping: Part 1

Are you and your furry friend ready for relocation out of the country? Making sure you have all certifications and necessities ready for this kind of trip can be overwhelming. Here at Airpets, we specialize in international pet shipping and put together 10 steps to best prepare for the trip!

Step 1: Microchip and Implantation Records

A tracking source is mandatory for international travel. Be sure your little guy is not only registered, but any information associated is up-to-date. These codes vary worldwide, and can give owners reassurance of their animal’s safety. The standard 15 digit is preferable as it is part of the universal microchip system – however 9 – 10 digit may be accepted in certain places but can require a microchip reader.

Step 2: Rabies Vaccination

Pets departing the United States for an international trip must be vaccinated against rabies. 21 days must pass after the administration before your pet can travel. Different places require entrance through certain areas, and this varies by country.

Step 3: Health Certificate

Health certificates are only valid 30 days from the date on the certificate upon their visit. Most airlines will require certificates 10 days old or less. You must acquire a general health overview as described by American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) examined by a USDA accredited veterinarian.

Step 4: Run Blood Tests 

There can be no indication of infectious diseases in your animal. Blood tests are the best way to be certain; this step goes in tandem with Step 3. Blood tests are only required in certain countries – please note how different locations vary.

Step 5: Government Endorsements

Plan ahead – time management is essential! The USDA will need to endorse all documents which can include an import permit: countersigned, embossed, and stamped. Original documents must always travel with your pet. 

Keep following along as we discuss more ways to better prepare. Considering a move abroad? AirPets can ease all the messiness of international travel. Contact us by calling with any questions regarding this process (866) 738-7447 or review our services here.