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10 Things to Consider when “Shipping” Your Pet

As pet parents ourselves, we understand that selecting a pet transportation expert you can trust with your pet’s journey is a big decision. While we hope we have the privilege of helping you ensure your pet’s trip is a success, we’d like to provide a list of 10 things to consider. This way, whatever you decide, you’ll have peace of mind knowing you were well informed when you made this important decision.

1. Has someone contacted you, who also happens to be a pet lover, and is genuinely interested in getting to know specific details about your furry friend and your wishes?

2. Are you aware of the typical roadblocks people encounter when they navigate this pet shipping process on their own?

3. If you have already received an estimate, did you receive a phone call providing you with full transparency of the costs of the services, and so you could ask questions?

4. Did the pet consultant offer to work with your veterinarian to obtain all the necessary paperwork, according to the specific requirements of your destination location?

5. Do you trust that your pet will get the best flight, based on your preferred dates, the most competitive price, and the fewest number of stops?

6. Will your paperwork be reviewed by a representative in the destination country, to ensure all the details are in order, before your pet boards the plane?

7. On the day of the flight, will there be a representative to meet your pet at the airport, with copies of the paperwork, to assist with the check-in process?

8. Will there be an agent at the destination airport to greet your furry friend? If so, who has been hand-selected because of their expertise and personal access to airline industry contacts?

9. If there are delays, will you be forced to wait at the airport for hours, or will you rely on a highly experienced agent to provide you updates, and to call you when your pet is through customs?

10. Will you have a team of professionally trained pet-loving experts working to ensure your pet arrives happy, healthy, and safely into your arms?

If we can answer any questions at all, please contact us today. We are here to provide you with personalized service and expertise you can trust, for a safe and successful trip for your furry family member.

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