Your Guide to Petsafe Plants

Houseplants add a touch of beauty to your home—and can even boost your air quality. But if you’re living with pets in the home, you want to be sure the plants you’re adding are safe.

Of course, consumption of any type of substance in large quantities, including plants, can lead to vomiting and other digestive upset in animals. However, there are some kinds of plants that are better to have in a pet-friendly home than others.

Here are four ideas for dog- and cat-friendly plants for your home:

African Violets

These beautiful plants require little maintenance and offer year-round blooms, along with green leaves. Because they come in a variety of colors, you may even be able to find one that complements your decor!

But the best part is: The flowers and the plant itself are non-toxic for both dogs and cats.

Christmas Cactus

It might not be the holiday season just yet, but these sturdy plants aren’t limited just to Christmas. While many plants during the holiday season can be dangerous or even deadly if consumed by a pet, this plant is not.

Because of the prickly leaves and stems of the plant, your furry friend may experience some GI discomfort if it takes a bite, but nothing serious.

Some Ferns

This one’s a little tricky, because not all ferns are pet-friendly, and not all plants called ferns are actually ferns. You want to steer clear of the asparagus fern, which isn’t a true fern at all—it’s part of the lily family and toxic.

But feel free to beautify your space with actual ferns such as the Boston, staghorn or maidenhair varieties, which are not toxic for your animals.

Parlor Palm

This plant is just what it sounds like—a small palm tree variety that’s perfect for an indoor space! It allows you to bring a small tree into the home without much need for upkeep.

And as a bonus, it’s safe for both dogs and cats. That’s a win!

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