Why Should I Hire a Pet Shipper for a Domestic Flight?

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Why should I hire a pet shipper for a domestic flight?


That’s a great questions and quite frankly, one that depends on the person in need of pet shipping. When we are faced with a move it can sometimes be overwhelming. We have cars, furniture, personal belongings, keepsakes, etc. which have to be accounted for. We have to prep for new jobs, new utilities, new things for the the new home. Add children and pets to the mix and it can really get crazy. New schools, new vets, new doctors, etc, etc. Some of us are great at planning, preparing, packing and organizing. Others are not so organized and it can be consuming.


Shipping a pet requires organization, planning and care in order to ensure your pet arrives safely. Some prefer to do this on their own during a move while others  prefer to hire a professional pet shipper in order to take the burden off of their plates and ensure that the move is done safely and correctly. Pet shippers such as Airpets America perform moves such as these on a daily basis. In fact Airpets America can ship your pet or pets on a global basis and have been doing so for quite some time.  Are you a do it yourselfer or do you prefer the peace of mind of hiring a professional?


Domestic travel services include:

  • A one on one pet consultant
  • Pickup from home, a friend, relative or boarding kennel at origin
  • Travel crate
  • Delivery to airport and airline check-in
  • Flight/s
  • Comfort Stops (if required)
  • Health checks, health certificates and veterinary t]checks
  • Boarding & Kenneling
  • Collection from airport
  • Delivery to new home, friend, relative or boarding kennel at destination

If you feel that you are in need of or could benefit from these services for feel free to contact Airpets America at www.airpetsamerica.com or call them toll free at 866-738-7447


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