Top tips for military moves with pets.


1. Find out the pet shipping requirements for the country you are moving to. Many countries have rules and regulations that are specific to that place, including pet quarantines and titer testing. A pet shipping expert will be able to provide all the necessary information to move your pets.

2. Microchip your pets first, then vaccinate. Vaccinations done before your dog is microchipped are not valid in many countries.images

3. Get your dog used to his travel crate. The sooner your dog learns to love his crate the easier it will be for him during your military move. Knowing your dog is in a safe place will make everything easier, from packing up your stuff, having the movers there and even during airline travel.

4. Get copies of yoimages-2ur dog’s medical records. Your military veterinarian should have everything you need. A pet health certificate will need to be issued, the timing of said certificate will depend on where the military is sending you. Most countries require a dog health certificate issued within 5 days of travel.

5. Learn about the pet requirements at the new duty station. Contact your commanders well in advance to find out if there are breed restrictions or restrictions on number of pets allowed.

6. Contact a dog travel agency like Airpets America just in case the military flight you are planning on taking doesn’t have space for your pets. Since military flights are first come first serve, many of our clients have needed help last minute. It is faster and easier for everyone to have someone who already knows you, your pets and your destination ahead of time.

Thank you for your service to our country and safe travels!

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