Tips For Easier Dog Relocation

When planning your move with pets, it’s crucial to consider not just the logistics but also your furry friend’s well-being. While most information focuses on travel regulations, quarantines, and logistics, we often overlook the key element—the experience of your dog. Follow these tips for easier dog relocation.

  1. Crate Training: Start crate training months before the move to make your dog comfortable with their airline-approved kennel. Games, short stays, and gradual increases in crate time at home will help your dog associate the crate with positive experiences. Watch this video for tips.
  2. Exercise: While some exercise before travel is beneficial, avoid making your dog run a marathon before a flight. Opt for a moderate walk several hours before departure, allowing your dog to relieve themselves and stay comfortable during the journey.
  3. Feeding: Feeding your dog before travel requires careful consideration. Opt for a light meal 4 to 6 hours before the journey, preventing discomfort during travel. If the flight is longer than 3 hours, consult your veterinarian for advice on motion sickness medication.
  4. Sedation: Avoid sedation for your dog before travel, as most airlines no longer allow it. Sedation poses risks, affecting blood pressure and making it challenging for dogs to adapt to the physical demands of travel. Prioritize your dog’s well-being by skipping sedation.

As you plan your pet’s relocation, prioritize their comfort and well-being. A well-trained and prepared pet will not only ensure their safety during transit but also contribute to a calmer and more comfortable journey.


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