The Esperanza Hotel – A Traveling Pet’s Delight

Esperanza Hotel

Are you and your pets moving to Los Cabos? Or is it just too hard to go on vacation and leave your pets behind? If so, Esperanza Hotel in Los Cabos is a fantastic choice for you.


Traveling pets receive a complimentary pet kit. It includes a pet bed, water, food dishes, treats and fresh water. This is a great place for your dog’s vacation!

Some of their services include a specially assigned area for pets, pet sitting services, pet turn down service, a pet menu, pet toys and a tour of the resort. But by far the most impressive sign of a truly dog friendly hotel is the pet massage.

The massage is great for traveling dogs. The specially trained therapist will come to the privacy of your suite a few minutes before the starting time to become friends with your dog and get to know his or her needs.

Shipping dogs to Mexico can be a breeze with the right help, call our dog relocation experts for details and an estimate


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