Move Manager

Where are you from?
Ft. Worth, Texas
My Title and what it means to me?
Move Manager – I handle the ins and outs, ups and downs of making sure everyone’s beloved pet gets where it needs to!  This can be tricky, though it is the puzzle aspect of making it all come together that I enjoy. The clients are wanting you to guide them through the process and my previous experience as a teacher helps with that. In the end, getting that reunion update and photo are what makes it all worth it!
My favorite part of the job?
Even though it is stressful, when a move has to be reworked, the challenge is thrilling!

Do I have any pets?
Of course! I have two goofy rescues, Skylar and Athena! Athena is a husky mix that knows how to use that husky voice and talk, talk, talk… Skylar is the chill one, that I lovingly call my “Itty Bitty Pitty.” She is 27 lbs, but no denying that pitbull head!
Fun Fact about me!
In the last few years, I have been introduced to the aquarium hobby. Starting at a saltwater tank is meditative and counting snails relaxes me! 
Favorite Place I have visited?
This is tough…though when I really think about it, it isn’t always about the specific place. Put me is a beautiful camp setting with good people and I am happy! For me, that has been all over Baja, Mexico, Colorado, New England, Texas, California and others that I can’t think of. There will certainly be more. Would love to do more international traveling. Venice, Italy has to be my favorite non-camping destination.