Transportation Supervisor

Where are you from? 
Born and raised in Providence, Rhode Island. Going from the smallest state in the country to one of the largest has been quite an adjustment, but I love it so far!

What’s your job title and what does that entail? 
I’m the Transportation Supervisor. I help ensure that your loved ones make it from Point A to Point B safely and promptly. Their well-being is of utmost importance to me, and I care for each one as if they were my own!

What’s your favorite part of your job? 
Favorite part of my job is without a doubt seeing pets reunite with their families! The excited tail wags and loud meows put a smile not just on the owner’s face, but mine as well.

Do you have any pets currently? 
I have 3 cats and 1 dog of my own! My cats Sam, Renly, and Oberyn are all boys and made the journey with me all the way from Rhode Island. Meera is my sweet girl that I adopted after moving to Texas.

What’s a fun fact about yourself? 
I’m a huge film and TV guy. I log and sometimes write reviews for everything that I watch. Half of my brain is filled with useless movie knowledge that is only ever put to use at a bar trivia night.

Favorite place you’ve visited and why? Vermont! A few years back my friends and I rented a cabin in the woods for the weekend, and it’s one I’ll never forget. The scenery alone makes it worth the visit.