Pup weight loss


Simple tips to help your pup lose some of those holiday pounds!

Feed less. We know it’s hard but with a few changes you can both get through this.

Reduce the daily amount of food by a quarter. So if she normally gets one cup of food, now she gets 3/4 of a cup. You can add some broth or water to her food so she feels like she got a nice big meal.


Exchange those doggie treats for a game of fetch or tug. Usually just your attention can be a huge reward.

When you do feed her a little treat, try to feed a carrot or green beans instead of a high calorie treat.

Exercise more. For a lot of dogs a walk is not enough though it’s a good start.

  • Bring your pup in for doggie day camp a couple times a week.
  • Play fetch with her while you read or watch TV.
  • Arrange a dog play date with a friend.
  • Enroll in a dog class (a fun dog sport like agility or even a manners class).
  • Include your dog in weekend activities, instead of her sleeping all weekend. Take her to the ball park, go on a trail walk, keep her engaged in some activity.
  • Teach your dog a few games like hide and seek (human or a toy can hide), the recall game (two family member stand apart and call the dog back and forth), fetch, etc.
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