Kid holding umbrella in rain

Rainy Day Activities

Dogs are often high-energy companions that require regular exercise and walks. But sometimes damp weather puts a damper on bringing your pup out for more than a potty break. Don’t let that stop you from having a fun and engaging time with your furry friend!

Play with Toys

Toys are a perfect way to keep your dog active and engaged even inside the house. Some great ways to exercise your dog are to play tug-of-war with a rope, or to sharpen their minds with treat-dispensing puzzle toys. You can also use soft dog toys to play hallway fetch or hide and seek!

Play with Other Objects

Fun for your pup doesn’t have to be limited to special dog toys! You can make a fun find-the-treats game using a muffin tin and tennis balls. Or, if your pup is eager for a little more motion, try blowing some dog-safe bubbles for him to chase!

Obstacle Course

Mix things up for your pup by using your furniture, blankets, and cushions to create an indoor agility course. Construct a basic tunnel or obstacle course that’s roomy enough for your dog to get through, but also provides an agility challenge. You can use treats or toys to help him find his way through and reward great athletic performance!

Teach New Tricks

You don’t have to be out at the dog park to teach your dog how to do new tricks. Snag some treats and work with your furry friend right in your living room. Teaching a variety of tricks will help your dog to move his body and his mind.

When in Doubt, Chill Out

A rainy day could also be a great time to take your dog shopping at a pet-friendly store near you, and then relax with some TV at home after!

We value your pet’s happiness and health! If you’re getting ready to move, visit our website to learn how we can make your pet’s move as comfortable and safe as possible!

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