Known for that smushed face and happy personality, pugs are referred to as “Multum in parvo” which means “much in a little” or “a lot of dog in a small package”. And that is for sure what you get with a pug.

Pugs originated in the Orient, possibly in China and as far as we know, the breed has stayed true since before 400BC, making it one of the oldest breeds. The pug was the pet of Buddhist monks in monasteries in Tibet. And has been a favorite of monarchs around the globe, from becoming the official dog to the house of Orange in the Netherlands, to a favorite of Queen Victoria in England.

This is a dog with a great sense of humor, outgoing and eager to please. They tend to be great with kids and other dogs, probably because even though they form part of the toy group, they are quite sturdy and large for that group. They are normally active, playful and curious, but this dog is not meant to be your jogging buddy.

Pugs should weigh no more than 20lbs. However, many can become overweight as their exercise must be limited. A healthy diet and activity monitoring can prevent obesity and avoid some serious health risks.

They live to be around their humans and can get upset when left alone. So training early is recommended. That being said, they are easy to adapt to new conditions, living in a house, or apartment, here or in China. They do have issues with extreme temperatures. Pugs are very sensitive to heat, temperatures above 80˚F can be life threatening to a pug. This breed can NOT live outside, they must be kept in climate controlled environments.

Pugs are a brachycephalic breed, this refers to the shape of the dog’s face and trachea. Pug’s snouts are short which means the nose and sinuses are compressed, causing smaller nostrils and a narrowed windpipe. The very characteristics that make pugs so cute and distinctive, also make them not as efficient breathers as other breeds.

Pugs have a square body with strong legs, a round head and a curly tail. They are usually between 10 and 12 inches tall at the withers. Pugs coats are usually black or fawn with a well defined mask. The coat is short and smooth and they shed quite a bit year round, however, the occasional brushing should be enough to help with that. If a pug is very wrinkly, they will need a bit of extra care to keep the folds clean and dry. But other than that very little grooming is necessary.

Pugs kept at a healthy weight can live between 12 and 15 years. They are a great companion dog that pretty much likes everything and everyone.

If you are ready for a funny dog with loads of personality and just a bit of exercise needed, then a pug is for you. Make sure you get your pug from a reputable breeder or breed specific rescue group to ensure you are getting a healthy pup. Enjoy!

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