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UnknownWhether you are moving your dog across town or to another country, professional dog shippers can make your move go smoothly. Ground transportation for your dog, flight scheduling on dog friendly airlines, import and export documentation preparation and every other step of the way is easier with a dog shipping expert by your side.

Have you ever noticed how your dog can “just tell” that you are going on a trip? Many dogs will become hyper-alert and stressed when they see you packing a bag. Now imagine how your dog will react when he sees you packing your entire home. If you can avoid some of the stress for your dog’s relocation, you should. Keeping your dog in a safe place during your move should be a priority. A dog shipping company such as Airpets America can help you through every step of your move. Our doggie taxi can pick up your dog from your current home, transfer him to a fun, comfortable and safe boarding facility where he can play and have fun while he waits to either get on a plane (with all the correct documentation, dog import and export forms, vaccinations, etc.) or for you to get settled across town. Once his new home is ready we will deliver him right to your doorstep.AAvan

Some of the important things to keep in mind when moving with dogs have to do with logistics.

Make sure you have enough food and medications for several weeks at least. You don’t want to be forced to rush around looking for a new vet and feed store as soon as you arrive at your new location.

If you are using a dog travel expert they will keep a copy of current vaccinations for your dog so it stays with him while he’s in transit. If not, then make sure you keep track of your dog’s paperwork as well as your own. Keeping these documents on hand will be useful in case you have an unexpected visit to the veterinarian and are necessary for all air travel, even within the continental US.

Moving dogs internationally requires them to be microchipped, but we suggest you microchip every pet regardless of where you are going. The microchip and collar should have your mobile phone recorded so you can be reached throughout the move. Your dog’s leash should stay with the dog so if he is boarding it goes with him. If he is in a crate or safe room then the leash is right there too. You don’t want a loose dog during move. Whether it is excitement or fear, many dogs are not themselves during moves and will run or hide.

images-4When moving with dogs across the country or internationally, boarding them in a safe place is a must. Even if you are just moving locally, boarding your dog while moving is the safest option. Dogs get lost every year while their families move. The reasons vary from movers who didn’t close the gate properly to the dog that got scared by the noises and ran away. There are just too many things going on during a move so it is just more sensible to plan ahead and have them stay at a nice pet resort to avoid extra stress. The dog will be fed, walked and given potty breaks at the right times without delay.

When you are packing, keep your dog’s things together in one box. Leave water and food bowls at the very top, along with food so you can welcome him to his new home with everything he needs. We like to include one favorite toy to make the transition a bit easier.

e65404ad03949e44495d1f21e5f375afSet up a safe place in your new house so your pup can be instantly reassured of his safety. This spot should be well ventilated, have his bed or blanket and have water available. As soon as your dog realizes the bed or blanket smells like him and that all your stuff is there too, he will feel at home. When you move a dog to a new home it is a good idea to introduce him to the new place, “this is where you eat”, “this is where you sleep” and “this is where you go potty”. All of these are very important instructions that will make your new house a home for him.

For any further information about moving with dogs please contact our dog relocation experts, they can guide you with specific up to date information.

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