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Military moves can be quite stressful, especially if your family has pets. Being prepared to relocate with pets may take some planning. The US military provides valuable resources on their website that can help you, but hiring a military pet relocation expert will ensure a swift move.
Many of the countries where the military has posts require quarantines and have strict import and export rules for pets. Knowing these rules ahead of time can be essential to moving with pets. Don’t leave the details of your dog’s relocation until the last minute since they might take a few months or more to prepare.

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Many countries require your dog to be micro chipped as the very first step. Your local military veterinarian can help you out with that. Once micro chipped you will need vaccinations and the records of said vaccinations. After that, some countries require a waiting period to make sure the vaccinations have taken effect. While these waiting periods can be short, they can also be several months or longer. If you plan ahead your dog might be able to stay with you during this period.  If there is no time, finding a reputable pet resort in your area is a must.
After vaccinations come titer tests. These are where the vet measures the levels of  antibodies produced by your dog in reaction to inactive and active ingredients of the vaccinations and environment. With all of this together your certified veterinarian will be able to issue a health certificate. These are necessary for basically all airline travel, even within the US. Health certificates are only valid for a certain amount of time which means that depending on when and where your dog is relocating you will need to time this exactly right. This can be quite tricky when you are also planning on moving yourself. Having a very reliable pet exporting expert will come in handy. Many families run into trouble here. They are packing and arranging the human and household side of things and having to worry about their beloved pets at the same time. Arranging your pet travel needs is what military pet relocation agents like Airpets International do. They can ease stress and bring peace of mind to your pet’s move.

Some military families try to have their dogs travel with them. In some cases that can be done, though military planes have few spots for pets. When moving with more than one pet or moving to a foreign country with pets, the rules and timing can get complicated. This is where pet travel experts come into the picture. They can arrange a place for your dog to stay both where you are and where you are moving to. They can suggest veterinarians who have the right equipment and experience. They help you come up with a detailed schedule so your dog spends the least amount of time without you. They contact airlines to ensure the safest and fastest route for your pet, avoiding long layovers, stops in countries where they might need extra paperwork, etc. They are up to date with all pet travel requirements around the world and will provide you with the most accurate information.

Pet Relocation experts like Airpets International can ensure door to door service which means you don’t have to worry about how to get your pet to and from the airport. They do it all with your pet’s needs in mind so you can rest assured that wherever your new military home may be, your dog will get there safe and soundly.


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