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Lushy’s Travels to South Africa

This sweet dog, Lushy, recently traveled to South Africa! She is so happy to be spending all of her time outdoors and exploring new places.

Her mom describes Lushy as her best friend, companion, and her protector. The best part of all is that she gets to have her “first times” with Lushy in a very new place for both of them.

Lushy’s mom describes her experience with Airpets International as fantastic and as smooth as possible! Our team is happy to know Lushy and her mom are doing well and thriving in their new home.

Here at Airpets International, we’re a team of professional pet and animal transportation experts. We have been transporting pets for over twenty years and we keep up with the unique industry and country requirements so you don’t have to. Let us take the stress and difficulty out of relocating your pet, and request an estimate today.

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