Lady Bird and Lyndon: pets move to Germany

Lady Bird and Lyndon moved with their military family from Texas to Germany last month.  “They love their daily walks in Germany” says mom. Here are some interesting details about the two traveling dogs…

When is your dog’s birthday- February

Where did you get him/her– We got Ladybird from a friend in college and Lyndon at the El Paso Humane Society.

Where did your pet travel from and to- They went from Dallas, TX to Frankfurt, Germany

What was the reason for your move– United States Army

Describe your dog in five words- Both of them are adorable, lazy, cuddly, dorks, and stubborn.

What is your dog’s favorite food? Lady loves anything and everything. Lyndon loves his food.

What is the cutest thing he/she does- Lady loves laying in the sun and Lyndon looks adorable when his ears pop up.

What is the smartest thing he/she does- Lady can get food from anywhere. Lyndon finds a way to always sit in your lap.

Anything else about your dog that you would like to share- They both can sit and lay down using sign language and they have lived in 12 houses, 4 states, and 2 countries

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