Indoor Games for Your Pup

It’s that time of year again! The winter holidays are right around the corner, and the winter weather is coming with them.

It’s the perfect time to think about fun indoor adventures that you can have with your furry friends.

Games With Treats and Toys

Provide exercise and lots of fun for your pup right inside your living room with games using toys or treats.

Fetch isn’t just a game for the wide open outdoors! You can toss one of your dog’s favorite toys to play inside. Make sure that you play in a a room with lots of space, and keep any breakables out of the way.

Is your pup more interested in treats than toys? Use a fragrant dog treat to play hide-and-seek! Hide the treat under a piece of furniture—in a space where your dog can reach it—and let him have fun hunting. Or hide the treat under one of three opaque cups to play the shell game.

Get in Some Training

Indoor time with your pup is the perfect time to teach or review tricks.

Use treats to guide and reinforce your pup during some obedience training. This is something that you can do any place in your home—just make sure that you break up your trick teaching with some exercise games!

You can also give your furry friend some exercise and train him up for showing off by building an obstacle course or agility course. Just arrange common furniture like chairs or end tables or use cardboard boxes to create a maze for your pup to snake around or jump over or through. Then use treats to guide him along the course and teach him to dazzle any audience!

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