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How to Choose the Right Dog for Your Family

Dogs have a natural ability to love unconditionally and be true life companions. But, if owning a dog is so great, why doesn’t everyone have one? 

Making the decision to bring a new dog into your life is a big step to take, and there are several key factors to consider before making any major decisions or commitments.

As pet parents, we should do our best to give our furry friends every opportunity to grow and thrive in a safe and loving environment, so you will want to consider things like care, training, cost, size, breed, and so much more.


First things first, are you ready to financially support and care for a dog?

After any initial cost or adoption fees, you will need to invest a decent amount of money towards your furry friend throughout their entire lifetime. Some of the things that will continuously come up later down the road include:

  • Food
  • Training
  • Veterinarian Costs
  • Toys and Accessories
  • Yard Maintenance

Every dog will require a different amount of care and attention, so you will want to be sure to think through these things thoroughly before considering a particular dog breed.


Most people have a breed or two that they prefer, but your family size and living situation are key in determining what would work best for you or your family.


Are you more of a smaller lap dog person, or do you have your heart set on a huge hound?

Small or toy-sized dog breeds like chihuahuas or smaller terriers are convenient to carry but can also be delicate and vulnerable. Smaller dogs may not necessarily be ideal for a family with smaller children that can squeeze and kick.

Large dogs, on the other hand, need a bit more space to move around in order to avoid injury to themselves or damage to the household, so big breed dogs are not ideal for smaller apartments and condos. Another key factor to consider here is that the bigger the dog, the more expensive things like food, supplies, and grooming become.

Exercise Needs

Every dog needs routine exercise, so you need to be able to commit to that, however, a dog’s activity level is often determined by their breed, so some dogs will have more energy than others.

If you can commit to 1-2 walks a day, you should consider a lower energy dog like a Basset Hound, whereas if you are looking for a dog to be your new jogging partner, you might want to consider a breed like a Border Collie.

You need to be willing to adjust the amount of exercise and attention you give to your dog so that they don’t end up barking consistently, digging up the yard, destroying your home, or doing anything else to act out. 

Grooming Requirements

Those fluffy and scruffy dogs are the most adorable breeds…. until it comes to shedding and grooming. Large or small, long or short, your dog will shed. There are certain breeds, however, that shed less than others. 

Long-haired dog breeds like collies and poodles have a fluffy coat that requires frequent grooming sessions to keep tamed, but if you are not looking to spend a ton of money on grooming, you might want to consider a short-haired breed such as a Beagle or Dachshund. You may even want to consider a hypoallergenic pet breed like Schnauzers and Yorkies.


One of the harder factors to take into consideration before becoming a dog owner is how long they will be a part of your family. Some breeds have a lifespan of seven years, while others can go on to live for 18 or even 20 years. Whether you are looking for a puppy, an adult dog, or a senior dog, they will need daily care for the rest of their lives.

Dog’s are called man’s best friend for a reason. If you’re looking for a furry companion of your own, we recommend that you thoroughly research the breeder or rescue organization. Then, you can contact us to help you get your fur baby home!

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