Holiday tips for pets

turkey-dogWe know the holidays can get pretty crazy, thankfully with a little planning your dog can receive the best care and have a great time during the holidays. The following are tips to help you through the madness.

1. Before the party starts make sure your dog has been exercised properly, a tired dog tends to behave better than one that is full of energy.


2. Set up a quiet space for your dog to relax in and get away from the guests in case he gets overwhelmed or too excited. Depending on your dog it can be a small room or even a crate. This spot can be used while guests are arriving and leaving to ensure your dog’s safety while your door is open. This spot should have some fresh water, a chew toy and a comfy bed.

3. If you are planning to give your dog leftovers make sure it’s only small amounts of food that your dog is used to eating. Holidays are not the time to try a new food with your dog since it can upset their tummies. If you will be giving them a little turkey for example, make sure it’s only meat or cartilage. No bones or greasy skin.

Plan ahead: feed your dog a smaller meal than normal that morning so you can add a bit of holiday yummies without overfeeding since that can also upset their stomach.

imgres4. Tell guests and family members not to feed your dog, you want to keep track of what he or she is getting.

5. Make sure all snacks and other foods are kept within human reach only, we don’t want your dog to help himself to snacks. Take special care with foods like raisins, sweeteners, chocolate, onions, alcoholic beverages and other foods that may be toxic for your dog.


6. Most humans usually take a little walk as part of the festivities after dinner and before dessert. This is the perfect time to take your dog out for a walk too! If the humans at your party are not big walkers then don’t forget to take the dog out, if not for a walk then at least to go potty.


Happy Holidays from all of our staff! Be safe and happy!

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